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We are an engineering company and since 1992 we have dedicated ourselves to the designing and planning of roadside petrol stations for the distribution of motor fuels

Our Story

From an idea of a single individual to a company that, year after year, is taking on more and more employees. From one table and a plotter to five offices: Venice, Milan, Bologna, Rome and Bari. From a small initial project to a narrative that, since 1992, has been expanding day after day in the fuel distribution sector: developing skills, continuous training, and specializing in professionalism.

TFF is growing.

To do it, do it well, and on time.
This is our mission.

We focus on the intangibles: legislative competence, organization, continuous improvement of working processes. In this way we can handle all requests - optimizing times, methods and costs. We have built-up all our experience in the oil sector: we researched and pursued specific skills, and we acquired them. Today we are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

We are constantly striving to improve both our relationships with our clients and their satisfaction: we work hard, and to the best of our abilities. It is our value-added bonus for the customer.


We know it well
the ability to do everything in accordance with best practice

We work in offices with glass walls, white furnishings and vividly coloured objects.
With working mechanisms exposed for anyone to see, transparency becomes efficiency.

The Business

Giuseppe Toffano, after experience as a Sole proprietor, created his first planning and design company in 1992, and from this he developed Tff Engineering. For his sister Cristina Toffano, 1992 was also a turning point: after many years of business experience, with the creation of Tff Engineering she arrived in the technical sector.

  • giuseppe_toffano

    Giuseppe Toffano


    Founding Member

  • cristina_toffano

    Cristina Toffano


    Founding Member

Work team
In Tff there are many of us

This allows us to organize work according to precise criteria: our organizational flowchart specifies the functions of each person. But at the same time we recognise the value of flexibility, and we create special working groups to address the needs of special projects. We believe in the vital importance of organization at work: to guarantee, every time, punctuality, efficiency and, therefore, savings.
Our corporate structure is based on four main activities, which we consider strategic for the smooth functioning of business and work: planning, project management, safety and the environment.


Senior management

There are three people with a long history within Tff: they are the bond which unites all our business activities. With their vital contributions, Tff achieves the goals that we set for ourselves.

  • saverio_ventre

    Saverio Ventre

    Technical Director and Quality Manager

    With Tff since 1999, Saverio is not only responsible for the final executive planning and for Quality, but also for site-security within the works in progress.

    He symbolizes the professionalism within Tff.

  • federico_bullo

    Federico Bullo

    General Services and Project Manager

    1995 was the beginning of Federico's adventure within Tff. At first he was a graphic designer, then he became Operations Manager and now he has risen to Project Manager.

    He is the historical memory of Tff.

  • silvana_lion
  • Silvana Lion

    Head of Administration and Communications

    Silvana has been with Tff since 1999. She started with administrative duties and has since held various other roles. She now has responsibility for the economic management of Tff.

    She holds Tff's wallet.


A smart plan.
it's what we do naturally

We study the feasibility of a tender, we give a guarantee to the customer that it can be fulfilled, and we implement it. A wealth of detail, best practice, set deadlines: that's the way to do it.

Our strength lies
in our talent.

TFF constantly invests in staff training: the regular updating and the experience accumulated over twenty years are the basis of our work ethic.

With regard to personnel: from the initial design to the supervision of the construction; from the organization of security to its implementation, all the people who work with us are our employees, because we have chosen to broaden our skill-set by growing our talent.

With this conviction, we have concentrated all our activities and expertise in the fuel distribution network, successfully becoming a benchmark in the region.

And, naturally, we are a company certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 with DNV (certificate no. 26005-2008-AQ-ITA-SINCERT)

What we can
do for you

We can become the representative for your network: you will profit from the gains in efficiency.
We can be your partner and create specific work teams: putting at your disposal expertise, know-how, personnel.
We can update you promptly on legislative changes, so you can always operate in accordance with current applicable regulations.
We can computerize and administrate a database of your fuel network: this can help you monitor and plan all your activities.
And we can listen to you, so that together we find the most effective solutions.

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At work, in four stages

  • 1

    Knowledge and information

    We benchmark ourselves against the client, we do the on-the-spot investigation and feasibility study, and we make contact with the public authorities. Then we put forward our solutions.

  • 2

    Thought and design

    The customer selects the solution that they are most happy with: then, we put into action all the necessary applications and obtain the permissions to proceed.

  • 3

    Analysis and statement of work

    We do not leave anything to chance, we go into great detail: we produce terms of contract, calculations, descriptive plans, and we quantify the costs. The client agrees to or withdraws the tender.

  • 4

    Supervision and implementation

    Everything has been prepared, defined, approved. We are now in the work stage. The supervision of the works and coordination of security? We look after those.

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the future is green
environmental division

The Environment:not just a trendy word, but a true investment for the future!

TFF Engineering is developing professional activities in the environmental sphere with the TFF Environment Division.

It provides consultancy services such as: environmental due diligence, risk analysis, characterization and decontamination plans, environmental permitting services.

Projects are carried out with the mission of preserving business profitability.

Working side-by-side with you, lessening and eliminating environmental risks in the most efficient way, but respecting the environment.

technology, the future

Our work is not possible anymore without an increasing attention towards the planet; for a more sustainable world.


have a look!
it's all a matter of light

"My table is the same size as the one in the drawing room or admin. I believe in the importance of a pleasant working environment: for me, as well as for all my colleagues."

Giuseppe Toffano, CEO, Tff Engineering

The Tff Engineering

The street, like a dreamy gaze, carries us off into the distance. We know it well. There are roads along which we have travelled, others on which we have worked. Still others that we have yet to discover. Those are the ones that feel the most beautiful.

Photography by Tommaso Saccarola


Let’s keep in touch
we are ready

Always growing, always more available: to always be closer to our clients, wherever they are.

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